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Whether you are a sports fan or a person who enjoys spiritual journey stories, or both, this book will take you on an inspiring ride of life lessons and strength of character. Reading this story places you in such diverse places as the middle of the New York City projects, on the floor at the tip-off of an NBA game, and in the midst of millions praying in Mecca.

For $22.95 you can experience the ups and the downs and of an African American male from the 1960s to 2007. Moving from New York City to Iowa to achieve success in college basketball and the NBA and beyond, this book chronicles the thrill of the NBA's fast-paced excitement and the full life experiences one man's remarkable sojourn.

Each chapter offers engaging photographs of a dramatic story. Darkness to Sunlight is vivid account of how one man's strength and faith overcame life challenges and obstacles. Enjoy the captivating story. Order your copy today! Thanks for being on the journey.

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